Betfair are the betting exchange with over 90% of the market. There mobile phone betting offers the following:




  • All markets, including betting in-play on events that have already begun
  • Full odds, not just latest
  • Your Profit & Loss
  • Direct access to your current bets on each market
  • Full market info
  • Market rules
  • Automatic refresh at configurable speed
  • Horse racing Today's Card function
  • Horse racing Next Race function


  • One click to back or lay any runner
  • Liability/profit shown dynamically
  • Optional verification screen before bet placement
  • Change the odds or stake on your unmatched bets
  • Cancel unmatched bets
  • Bet confirmation and management, including partial matches
  • Current matched and unmatched bets, filtered by type
  • Full betting history, filtered by type
  • Full details on all bets


  • Use your existing Betfair account
  • Full account summary & statement
  • Statement item details
  • Upload cash from a pre registered payment card

As you can see from the pictures on the right there WAP site is very clear and easy to use.

There WAP site is here:

They also have a Java site.

Both the WAP and Java sites require you to already have an account which you can obtain here:
Actual WAP site images